Electronic Health Records

Your EHR (Electronic Health Record) is the fabric that weaves together all the intricacies of providing quality care to patients. Far from what it used to be, the face-to-face encounter is only a small portion of the responsibilities clinicians have in providing, managing, coordinating and supporting patients’ health and healthcare experience. The ability to communicate with patients and payers, hospitals or other agencies in the healthcare spectrum, is a vital piece of healthcare delivery and patient management.

Our EHR team offers guidance with:

  • Implementation and Training
  • MIPS, MACRA and Medicaid Meaningful Use
  • Project management
  • Upgrades, enhancements, and workflow efficiency
  • Optimization and super user training
  • Interfaces and data migration
  • Clinical team development – evaluations, consulting, and skill set development
  • Advanced clinical reporting and metrics

We understand that patients are not numbers. But, a better understanding of the numbers can translate into better care for patients. With goals to streamline workflow, increase productivity, and improve the patient experience, HuTech brings decades of hands-on knowledge and training to bridge the gap between high tech and personal touch, making a positive impact on your business and your patients’ healthcare experience.


We are blessed to have you and your HuTech team on our side.

- Practice Administrator in Florida